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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Day!

Surprisingly, the boys did not wake up before sunrise on Christmas morning. One of our rules is that when they are awake, they have to come wake everyone else up first before they are allowed to peek into the living room to see their surprises. :) We hold them hostage in their rooms until Cody and I have had a chance to make our way out into the living room, fire up the Netflix fire (sounds cheesy but this new one sounds SO real!) and prepare ourselves for the bedlam about to ensue. :)

This Christmas we did things a little bit differently. Normally Christmas morning is reserved entirely for the four of us and all of our gifts to each other. With special family in town this year for their first Christmas ever with the boys - we decided to do just Santa gifts in our house in the morning and then transport all our other gifts over to my parents' house just 10 minutes away to open in front of everyone later in the morning. It was nice to really stretch out the gift-opening, and it made it more special that Aunt Sally and Uncle Bob got to watch the boys open their presents for the first time.

Here's a look at our day and just some of our favorite gifts!

Stockings from Santa first!

A special Spiderman hooded towel for Brandon... because he LOVES his hooded towels after bath time. :)

And to say Jaden was thrilled with his new Nike football gloves would be an understatement. I mean, just look at his face!

The one and only thing Brandon really, really wanted. Straight from the North Pole. His own Santa Suit. And those elves got his size down perfectly. He was beyond happy.

After opening the remainder of our Santa presents, Cody had the smart idea to check our mailbox. We hadn't checked it in almost a week due to all of the activity going on in our home and with our families, and it's a good thing he checked it when he did. Just like Christmas morning magic, the boys each had special letters addressed to them from Santa himself - thanks to the letters we had mailed to the North Pole a week prior. :) They read them aloud with a special glow in their eyes. Thankful for boys who believe!

We then headed over to Mom's and Dad's for egg bakes and more soup and appetizers and a nice and relaxing couple of hours of opening. I love the tradition in our family of each person opening one gift at a time before moving on. It makes it take hours, but it also means it doesn't go by too fast.

My dad also had a fireplace going on their TV, this one with real animals sitting in front of it, and Dasher was not too thrilled with the dog he thought was invading his space! He actually would bark at the TV!

This was the big one...

Jaden got his Playstation 4! And not just any Playstation 4 but the brand new Star Wars edition PS4. We literally went and bought this the first morning it was released. His reaction was everything we had hoped for.

In addition to the Star Wars game, he also received Minecraft and Madden '16 - which means he can actually play football on it as David Johnson. Pretty cool. :)

More opening...

We gave Brandon a special lap desk for all of his coloring projects he's always wanting to do. Now he can bring it in his bed with him, and it's already gone on a trip in the car with us. It works great! (Good idea, Daddy). ;)

I was pretty happy with our gifts to my parents this year. Not only did they receive my yearly Shutterfly photo book, but we had a personalized stone made for the front of their new house they are currently building - complete with the Panther logo and their last name. The stone wasn't ready in time to be wrapped, so we wrapped up a small rock in a big box as a hint for what the actual gift was. ;)

Some more of Brandon's favorite goodies included this awesome Lego house that you can build to match the seasons - Christmas with a light-up fireplace, summer with a swimming pool and diving board, and Fall with all its pretty colors. And - his own Kindle Kids HD. Not only can this boy play games to his heart's content and watch his shows, but my little reader can download all the chapter books he wants to it. I've been running out of book storage around here!

Last but not least, Cody and I had prepared a little surprise getaway for the four of us for the week between Christmas and New Year's. I wrapped up a box for each boy with pictures inside of where we were going to be going. (Blog posts coming later - all about our little trip). :)

Cody and I were treated well, too - favorites including our new set of pots and pans, and I LOVE my new workout machine. It's kind of like a stair-stepper - much like what you'd get from an elliptical workout (ellipticals are my favorite) - but it can be moved and stored throughout the house. I put it in front of the TV over my lunch breaks and can get a full workout in while catching up on my DVR. :)
After opening at my parents', we spent the rest of our day playing with all of our new toys and spent Christmas night back at our house with Papa Tim and Nana Deanne - still playing - where the boys were more than happy to show off their new loot. I love that Christmas falls in the middle of winter when we're looking for new activities to keep us occupied!

Of course, there's always bubble wrap to pop, too. I found Brandon swimming in it Christmas night while I was pulling toys out of boxes. Of all the new things he could have been playing with... ;)

A few last pictures before wrapping up...