"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snow Play

You'll have to excuse me for the extreme overload of pictures in this post. It turns out my camera is suffering more severely from cabin fever than I am, and all it took was a sniff of fresh air and natural light, and it just couldn't stop snapping.

In the last two weeks we've had two blizzard warnings, about five-six inches of snow, freezing cold temperatures and 40 degree days with sunshine. Hello, February in Iowa.

And though some of these days have been too cold to even walk to the mailbox to get the mail, we've had a couple of days where I have sent the boys outside, and we didn't come in for hours at a time. It's true that I cannot wait for spring and open windows and dinner off the grill - spring fever is starting to overtake my thoughts, and the first sight of tulips at HyVee yesterday didn't help. Part of me is paying no attention to the fact that Valentine's Day is a few days away as I keep thinking ahead straight to Easter. There's good in these cold months. We're forced to slow down, I have zero guilt when doing nothing but snuggling under blankets every single night at about 8:30 and I have no problem living in sweatshirts as a work-from-home mama. But by February, enough is enough.

These few days of almost spring-like temperatures were needed.

Jaden reconnected with his basketball hoop. Snow pants, boots, gloves and mounds of slush under his feet did not stop him from practicing his hook shot over and over again. (And how he consistently makes hook shots with gloves and bulky boots on is beyond me).

(His exact words at this moment: "THIS is a blizzard??" It was a little over-hyped.)

We practiced getting our footing on our new snow board that our neighbors gifted to us.

We tried out our new sled from Santa.

We dug up the snow until we could find the mud and grass underneath. Yes, it's still there.

And we finally built a snowman.

But the highlight was our Saturday afternoon at our new favorite sledding hill. We discovered it by accident, it's conveniently located very near our house, and it's a hidden gem that isn't known by many making it much less crowded than the most popular hills in town.

The first two times taking the snow board down the hill, Jaden didn't fall once. It was pretty incredible to watch him master it so quickly, but then the pressure built and he started wiping out after that. ;)

Here he is offering me his hand... "I'll help you climb the hill so you don't fall, Mommy!"

I hadn't gone sledding myself since I was a kid. We had so much fun.

Thankful for a lot of hours outside the last week but ready to trade in our boots for flip flops and our snow boards for bikes and boats! We're getting closer!