"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's and Mickey Mouse


I thought about making these two separate posts, but Mickey Mouse and pink hearts really do go hand-in-hand for us this year, and I can't talk about one without the other. So a short post to wrap up our Valentine's Day, with one big surprise at the end.

Full disclosure, for me, Valentine's Day ranks right up there with... well, with nothing. Of all the "holidays" this one would be at the bottom of the list for me. It could be for a number of reasons - it falls in the middle of February when I would much rather be celebrating Easter and spring. It's also sandwiched right in the middle of our two boys' birthdays - which are much bigger causes to celebrate, for sure. And I really would rather receive surprise flowers any other day of the year than on Hallmark's day. But - I also want to make sure that our boys can find joy in these days, that they grow up remembering that their mama always tried to make things special for them, even if it was in the small and simple changes from the normal routines of the day-to-day.

So - that's what we did. We celebrated in small ways. With Valentine parties at school and special cookies in our kitchen. With heart shaped pizza on Valentine's night and special gifts Valentine's morning. With chocolate doughnuts and Strawberry milk. With lots of hot chocolate and heart-shaped marshmallows. And since the day before was filled with enough excitement on its own, and with Cody having to work the day of, we celebrated the day of quietly and restfully. We went to church, we went shopping for touches of spring to freshen and brighten up our home, we walked through the mall and threw pennies in the fountain, and we ended our day with one big surprise...

Mom and Dad walked through the door right after Cody got off work at 7:00 Valentine's night, remnants of our heart-shaped pizza still on the counter, and handed us each a small little gift bag with our respective names on them. And one by one, we each pulled out these adorable little Disney characters, which really could only mean one thing...

We are Disney bound. Pinch me.

I don't think our faces have changed much from this expression ever since...

We are still on a high and so excited. We spent the rest of Valentine's night watching Disney YouTube videos on our TV with Nana and Papa, Brandon is perfecting his Mickey Mouse sketching abilities, and I cannot wait to experience my favorite place for the first time with my kids and my husband. My parents and I have been to Mickey's house several times, but this time - it's going to be a whole new experience. I get to see it all through their eyes.

There's a whole lot of light at the end of the tunnel. February is almost over. Spring is coming - and with it - and after it - bringing a whole lot of good to look forward to.