"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Easter Weekend

I had low expectations heading into Easter weekend - mainly due to the weather that was forecasted. Chances of rain and cooler temps don't fall in line with my picture-perfect image of a holiday that is supposed to represent life and hope and a fresh seasonal start. Add in memories of our past couple of Easters when the weather has been sunny and warm, and I didn't think we could really top previous years' memories.

But I was wrong. Our weekend turned out to be a perfect blend of "just enough." There was just enough family, just enough pictures, just enough relaxation and quiet, just enough food and candy - and just enough time outdoors. The rain held off most of the time, the sun came out once in a while, and we had a really good, fun and happy Easter weekend.

We started with a quiet Saturday morning at home while Cody had to run out to get a few hours of work done. The boys played video games, played with Bryce and we baked our favorite chocolate Cadbury egg cookies - a staple every Easter in our home.

After lunch on Saturday, we drove about 20 minutes from home for a visit to Arnka Farms and their Spring Open House.

It was a bit chilly and windy but we were able to enjoy about an hour of animals, egg hunts, and bouncy houses before heading home with bags full of plastic eggs, chocolates and happy boys. Mission accomplished.

The baby goats were our favorite part - especially for Jaden. Whereas Brandon was happy to pet them where they stood, Jaden couldn't stop picking up one after another. And they seemed to take a liking to him, too.

Brandon had highly anticipated seeing some baby chicks, and he got his wish right before the egg hunt started. They were being kept in a tiny little basket, covered by a blanket for warmth, and I asked one of the volunteer helpers if she would kindly bring them out to play with us for just a few minutes.

Needless to say, he wanted to bring this little guy home with him.

The egg hunt was of course the main event in their eyes. I'm not sure what it is about egg hunts - which are really more of an egg scramble - but it brings out the extreme competitiveness in them. When candy is involved, we're talking serious business. :)

They took their marks five minutes early, and the whole thing lasted about 60 seconds. :)


When the hunt was over, we spent a few more minutes wandering the property. Brandon wanted his turn in the bounce house, and Jaden wanted more time with the goats - before feasting on our winnings the whole car ride home.

I love these pictures. Jaden the goat whisperer. Until one of them finally peed on his hands, and that was our cue to leave. ;)

Saturday afternoon included a neighborhood basketball game in our driveway. Kids trickled down to our house by one, providing a full afternoon of entertainment for the boys and ample time for a cup of coffee and a book for me - followed by a date night for Cody and I while the boys spent the evening with Mom and Dad. Cody and I dined on a meal out just the two of us, some shopping and then My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in the theater. The first Greek Wedding movie was a favorite of mine when we first got engaged and was playing in the hospital room for me during my labor contractions with Jaden. I just had to see round two! Cody was a little skeptical going in, but he laughed right alongside me the whole movie through.

We got back to our house a little after bedtime to find Brandon making a card for the Easter Bunny with my dad and two boys eager to get to bed so they could get to Easter morning.

Stay tuned!