"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our Summer-Like April Weekend

We had such a fun weekend. It was just the cup-filler I needed heading into a hectic work week this week, a week that involves a little bit of travel and a whole lot of new-hire training, HR management and compliance meetings. The temperature all weekend was what we usually don't see until June, some of our blooms blossomed over night providing that pop of color and life we wait all winter for, and we spent every single minute outside. The sounds of neighborhood lawn mowers filled the air, the windows were open for three days straight, and my camera had a field day capturing it all. Be warned - picture overload. I couldn't stop.

Friday night. We headed to Main St. for dinner, followed by a stop at one of our favorite parks across the river. We walked the streets, ate some tacos, ran into Tim, Deanne, Cassi and Ivy also eating outside along the parkade and felt 20 pounds lighter while watching the sun set over the river. It felt like were coming up for fresh air after months of hibernation under ground.

A little hide-and-seek with Jaden and Papa Bob.

I caught Jaden mid-eye roll. We get a lot of those these days! ;)

My parents left us at the park, and the boys were not ready to go home. I couldn't blame them. We stretched this night out as long as we could.

We took a walk along the river, found a spot for skipping rocks under the bridge, and showed up just in time to see the train go by.

And there they sat for a good half an hour.

I love them, and I love how they make me see the world.

We got in the car as the sun went down and still couldn't convince ourselves to go home. So - we took the long route. We rolled all our windows down in the van, cranked up the music, and "cruised the strip" - as we called it. ;) I felt like I was 16 again, and every time I looked in my rearview mirror, I saw smiles on their faces.

And by the time we got home, Daddy was off work waiting for us out on the deck. We sat there until well after dark watching the boys shoot hoops in the dark - making us very popular parents for letting them stay up well past their bedtimes.

Saturday morning started with Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, a book on the deck and Kinetic Sand with Bryce.

The ducks have found their way back to the creek and Brandon likes to keep a close eye on things in the hopes that there will soon be babies!

Green buds on our favorite bushes!

Jaden went to play with friends Saturday afternoon, and Papa Tim, Daddy and Brandon built a deck while I shopped for potted flowers and wreaths to make it all come together. We're not done - we have all the landscaping to finish around it and some new grass seed to put down - but we've added some instant curb appeal for when this home of ours hits the market again.

We had lots of visitors Saturday night. Our friends from Iowa City that were in town with the Hawkeye volleyball team, along with Papa Bob and Nana Nancy - and Papa Tim and Nana Deanne. We grilled, we roasted s'mores, and we visited with our neighbors that were outside doing the exact same thing. It was a good day.

Sunday was for church and rest and a new fishing spot. We didn't catch anything, but we had fun exploring anyway. Brandon even got a brand new fishing pole. Daddy felt he'd graduated past his little Batman pole and bought him a bigger one in his favorite red color.

Every time we spot a turtle, they like to believe it's our former buddy Crush, our little pet turtle we let loose last summer. :)

There was a lot of scrubbing in our Sunday night baths. I believe only the best of weekends end with dirt between our toes. Our prequel to summer got me hooked - can't wait to write the rest of the story.