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Friday, June 24, 2016

Father's Day Weekend Part 1: mini-golf, go-karts and dippin' dots

We kicked off Father's Day weekend with one beautiful and fun Friday night. We treated my dad to a night of two of his favorite things with two of his favorite little people - mini-golf and go-karts with his boys.


We could not have picked a more beautiful night. The temperature was just right, there was only a slight breeze, and the sun and shadows bounced around over this pretty little golf course to provide vibrant and soft colors that my camera loved playing with all night long.

I love all these pictures so much - the expressions on everyone's faces, and how goofy things got as the night went on.

I'm not sure Brandon fully grasps the goal of golf just yet. He actually got a bit excited when his ball (or more often, Papa Bob's ball) ;) - would get caught in one of the traps. He liked the challenge of getting it out.

Jaden got quite frustrated with himself during the first half of the course, but then let loose more as the night went on. We started out keeping score and then abandoned that idea after we thought Jaden was going to end up throwing his club at one point. ;)

And then there's this daddy. Who scored himself not one...

...not two...

...but THREE hole-in-ones.

And this one - once he did loosen up - managed one for himself, as well.

...and then we got goofy.

I'm not sure why, but at this particular hole, they decided to blow the ball instead of putt it. :)

And then there was his British accent all night long. "Are you serious?!"

"Are you serious??!!"


...I have no idea where  that came from. We never know with this one. :)

And then it was time for go-karts. This was the main event for Brandon and my dad. Ever since I was little, I can remember my dad LOVING go-karts.

When we first bought our tickets, the guy at the counter said Jaden couldn't drive if he wasn't 10 years old. We were all set for him to ride with Cody until the guy at the go-kart track taking our tickets didn't ask any questions and put Jaden in a car of his own. There's that height thing again. People are always thinking he's older than he is!

This was Brandon's face the whole ride through. He loved every minute of it - especially the turns.

And this one's my cautious little driver. I hope he's still like that at 16. :)

When our activities were all over, we treated the boys to ice cream on the patio while watching the zip-liners fly around directly above us.

It was a beautiful night, we had so much fun together, and it made us even more giddy for our upcoming vacation together. Go-karts got nothing on Space Mountain!

I love all these boys so much!