"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

The unofficial kickoff weekend to summer was just what we needed around here. After a successful but stressful week in Overland Park, Kansas for work, I needed these days in the worst way. My trip was extended 24 hours due to tornadoes at the airport and the inability for me to get home neither by driving or flying. I crammed into an underground tunnel with hundreds of strangers as the sirens sounded outside that airport, and my heart sank that Thursday night knowing I wasn't going to get home to my boys as planned. I'll spare you all the details, but I could write a book on that experience. I finally got home at noon on Friday afternoon ahead of the weekend and did something I hadn't done in well over four years. I turned off all the work email notifications on my phone and ignored that part of life until the following Wednesday. I unplugged, and it felt so good.

We kicked off that weekend with a casual and cozy Saturday morning. The forecast called for rain off and on all day so we took it as it came. I enjoyed a peaceful breakfast on the deck Saturday morning all by myself - dark thunder clouds rolling up above me and the final chapters of my mystery/thriller novel in my hands. It was the perfect ambiance to let myself exhale.

The rest of the day flowed just the same. We finally got our boat cleaned out, sat and taught Brandon how to play a game of card Golf while more thunder rolled in, sat out the downpour for about 30 minutes inside with more family card play and then finally got that boat out on the water for the first time this year.

We cruised the lake, were met at the shoreline by Papa Tim and Nana Deanne with a cooler of drinks waiting for us, and felt the peace of nowhere to be for what felt like the first time in a long time.

We ended our night with pizza and a movie - Independence Day - a favorite from my childhood and one the boys were eager to be introduced to before the sequel comes out this summer!

After an invite to join friends at Lake Ponderosa, we packed up the car Sunday morning and spent a full day out on the water. I didn't take many pictures because we were too busy having fun, but it was a great day. Greg raced that speed boat in circles for us all day long, playing into the boys' screams and laughter with every wave we sped across and over, Brandon got on the boating tube for the first time with our friend Cody, Jaden had the time of his life swimming in Party Cove, and we ate one amazing dinner to end our evening. We sat on Greg's deck overlooking the water during golden hour, as Dylan and "Dirt" played football with the boys on the lawn below, and feasted on the most delicious grilled brisket I've ever tasted. They worked on that meat from morning to dusk, and it was amazing. The speakers on that boat got a workout as we pumped music through them all day long, thanks to some fantastic Spotify playlists, and my heart melted over and over again as these teenage girls and college-aged boys helped take care of my kids all day long. We can't wait to go back again this summer - next time, kid-free. ;)

He looks scared, but he really enjoyed it! ;)

Party Cove was packed, and somewhere there are pictures of us floating around thanks to the drone that kept flying over our boat snapping pictures as we enjoyed beverages and deepening tan lines on the swimming platform. ;)

We spent Memorial Day Monday at the Falls for our first pool day of the year. We made plans to meet up with friends and felt that happy and familiar joy of returning to a place that feels like home to us in the summer. The winters are long but so worth it when we are able to come out from underneath them.

We had family over Monday night for grilled food and ice cream and dinner on the deck and ended our holiday with thunder and rain as we tucked the boys into bed - so incredibly sleepy and fulfilled. I then took Tuesday off as a day for myself. The boys went to school, I sat outside all morning reading and spent the afternoon inside napping and catching up on the DVR. I forced myself not to clean or organize or run errands and just let myself dive into all my guilty pleasures. Mama needed it.

A weekend full of water and bathing suits and good food and friends and a little bit of family. Summer is so good for the soul.