"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

...more from Father's Day Weekend

After our beautiful Friday evening of go-karts and mini-golf and lightning bug catching until well after dark, we woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning fit for our annual trek out to the Strawberry fields.

This has become a summer staple for us, an always present item on our summer bucket list. The boys always look forward to our visit, the familiar drive out to the country, the way the rows look plush and inviting with all their green and red speckled throughout, their visits with the animals and their excitement to get home and get those berries washed so that we can bake them into something sweet.

In years past, we've definitely eaten our way through the fields a bit more. This year the boys were so concerned with filling up our box as much as we could, that I don't think one bite was sampled before we got home!

We spent our afternoon washing our collection and turning them into pies with Grandma Alda's recipe. The pie was delicious and met with my husband's approval - who definitely favors his Grandma's pies. I felt the pressure to do it justice, but the pie barely made it through Father's Day. Devoured. :)

After our morning in the fields, we were off to the lake.

Oh, how our family loves the water. It's becoming our favorite place to be - our happy place. The place where we find peace and calm - the place that makes us feel like we're on a vacation even when just five minutes from home. I'm grateful that this is the path we've taken. That we're becoming a boating family. Whether it be a day on the river where we can crank up the speed on the motors - or a day on a no-wake lake when we find a sand bar to beach on and the kids swim easily for hours - it's becoming our go-to activity on a summer's weekend. And I'm always looking for the next opportunity to get out there. Though we love our big swimming pool and all its water slides and lazy river - there's something so soothing and gratifying about spending time around, on or in nature's pools.

Before we headed to the boat ramp, I stopped at the Kmart right by our house and picked up two last minute items. A 99-cent beach ball and a $10 float - with beverage holder. The best $10.99 I've spent in a long time. :)

And then we did what our family does best. We found a little private sand bar - not far up from the much more public - and very busy beach. We anchored the boat, threw our chairs and coolers on dry land, dipped our toes in the water (or our whole heads) - and stayed until evening.

Seriously. Best $10.00 spent right there.

I love the boating culture. People are so nice, happy and relaxed when out on the water. Everyone waves, smiles and says hi to everyone else. Everyone looks out for everyone. And on this day - another boating couple admired us in our little private corner of the lake so much so that they drove their boat over for a brief minute to gift us with another beach ball to take home with us.

It was a good day.

I have a feeling that our next big purchase is going to be a Lily Pad for these kiddos to swim off of. :)

Father's Day Sunday was a slow-drip kind of day. We went to church. We took the boys to Finding Dory in 3-D to escape the intense heat and humidity. We gathered with family to watch Jaden's team win their only Sunday baseball game of the summer. And we finished off our pie Sunday night while watching Jaden's favorite Steph Curry in Game 7 of the NBA finals.

A good weekend with my people. And now another holiday weekend that awaits!