"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, August 8, 2016

An August Update

It's been a little quiet on this blog lately but I can assure you that we're still here, we're still active and going, but I kind of feel a little as though we're amidst the calm before the storm right now. Our weekends have been carefree and calm as of late, but that's all about to change as we gear up for a new school year and a very busy and exciting fall season ahead. We're all ready. While others bemoan the end of summer, we look forward to it with so much anticipation. Because football and leggings and salted caramel mochas and Disney World!!

We've kept our weekends light because beyond these next two weeks, our calendar is a full one. Full of all good things but full none the less, and I know we need these days of simplicity right now - catching frogs by our creek, spending Friday night dinners just the four of us at our beautiful downtown parkade, riding bikes through Mom and Dad's new neighborhood to the nearby school playground, jumping off the high-dive as much as possible before the pool shuts down for nine months - and getting in as much boating action as we can before we replace lake days with tailgating days and hunting mornings.

And so much sweet corn. All the sweet corn!

We've frequented Main Street lately with some really beautiful weekend temperatures. We spent a Friday night at Ginger Thai and Scratch cupcake... and enjoyed a table-top one Saturday night at Toad's where we shared with the boys the story of our very first date night and how Mommy impressed Daddy by scoring a bulls-eye in our very first game of darts together all those years ago. :)


We've enjoyed the pool as much as possible because the season ends too quickly, and Jaden passed the swimming test, and Brandon loves his goggles, and we always miss this place so much in the off season. I love that my childhood memories include so many hours and days spent at Ray Edward's pool and that these boys will have countless memories of days spent at the Falls with friends and family.

Watching big brother go off the high-dive, highly anticipating his turn one day.

My timid boy has gotten so brave this summer. In his own time - just as it should be.

We've anchored the pontoon in the middle of the lake and let them jump off the boat to their heart's content. Daddy disturbed all the fishermen with his impressive cannon ball and jack-knife jumps and the boys giggled and shrieked as he tossed them as high as he could from the boat's platform to the water below. I love Fall so much. But we'll miss our days on the water a boatload. (Pun intended).

A change in schedules means this one finally has his first baseball game tomorrow night after a couple of weeks of practice. He's already improving - getting more aggressive in the outfield and looking pretty awesome at bat. He's the smallest on his team by far - but also the cutest. I just love watching him out there. He, too, has been brave this summer.

We went pillow jumping and go-kart driving again, and when Brandon asked me if Disney World has go-karts, I told him no, but so many things much better.

He screams and giggles the whole ride through.

Mom and Dad are settled and their house feels like home to us all. We love their new neighborhood and how close it is to our favorite park, the boys love their big walk-in pantry, and we can't wait to gather for football games and chicken wings around their new kitchen island and stone fireplace. It was quite the journey but they've arrived.

Bike and scooter rides up Spruce Hills Drive to their favorite park.

A family reunion in Hampton and Ivy's new names for Uncle Cody and Aunt Nicole. Coey and Cole. I think they sound pretty good together.

Tomorrow is school registration and a first baseball game, football practice starts in two weeks and Jaden fell asleep last night with his new cleats in his bed with him. Last night our driveway and yard were filled with neighbor kids and invites to Austin and Kristy's for ice cream cones and glasses of wine and baby Leo snuggles. And it's so hard to believe summer's almost over, but I'm so thankful to live in this place where the changing of the seasons brings fresh and new adventures around every turn.