"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Fall Festival

On the first Saturday afternoon of November we ventured to Hick's Place for their first annual fall festival. With Daddy gone hunting, the van windows down on another unseasonably warm Midwest day, and the Panther football game on our car radio, the boys and I ventured through the countryside and up gravel roads, seeking out a way to fully soak up that incredibly strong and beautiful November sunshine. The leaves were pretty much all off the trees, and yet here we were with a mid-70 degree Saturday and nothing else on the agenda.

I'm sure when Hick planned this day in November, he was just hoping for no snow yet. Little did he know what a perfect day it would be for an outdoor celebration, filled with all the fixings and little adventures of fall in Iowa. And I'm pretty sure he wasn't planning on being able to fill his paddle boats with guests looking to take a trip around the pond!

We were first introduced to this place last winter for a visit with Santa, and I immediately fell in love with its charm. The log cabin that the family lives in. The pond that is just the perfect size for private fishing lessons and canoe rides. The patch of forest placed just perfectly for laser tag fights. The out buildings for crafting and cider. The long gravel roads that welcome you in.

We spent a couple of hours here this day, playing pumpkin bowling, tossing darts at orange balloons, eating bags of popcorn and pumpkin bars. We road that paddle boat, took horseback rides, introduced Brandon to laser tag... and roasted s'mores around the fire while the guitarists serenaded us from atop their hay bales by the water. Other families were strewn on blankets and patches of grass around us, babies and toddlers were enjoying their freedom in this vast expanse of land around them, and Brandon of course wouldn't leave without a few minutes on the old wooden swing.

He would only play once he realized he could go after his brother. And then his brother was the only one he would focus on. ;)

I love this picture. Poor, unsuspecting Jaden and one feisty and determined younger brother. ;)

Brandon LOVED the horse. I adored watching him ride, gripping the saddle in one hand, and his other hand gently stroking the horses back as he trotted along. This kiddo still says he wants to be an artist or a Lego designer one day, but I swear he would be so good with a career working with animals. He adores them all.

We returned home early evening, just in time for Daddy to fire up the grill while we played outside until dark. We ate summer steaks on a November evening, and those steaks were good enough to carry me through winter. It was a fun day. It's been a fabulous Fall.