"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Halloween, Part 1

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, which could be less than ideal in some cases, I decided to make the weekend leading up to that Monday a full one of celebration. We were blessed with more beautiful October days, and it allowed us to carve pumpkins outside, play in our costumes in our yard and soak up the best of this time of year.

Though Halloween has never been my favorite, it's growing on me a bit, and with it feeling like the kickoff to the entire holiday season, there was a definite excitement in the air all weekend long.


On Saturday, we carved pumpkins. The kids each picked an idea of their own, and Daddy did his best to bring it all to life.

I love carving outside, and we strive to do this every year. It makes cleanup much easier!

Brandon was SO concerned about how his would turn out, and the more it took shape, the bigger his smile grew.

This made our good friend Casey very happy when he saw this picture from Oklahoma! He loves the jump man, and it's funny how much Jaden reminds me of Casey at his age.

And Brandon has been fascinated by Darth Vader for a while, but our Disney trip definitely put it over the top.

Good job, Daddy!

When we weren't carving and dressing up, we were decorating simple ghost cookies. I did the frosting. Brandon did the eyes - when I wasn't catching him eating them instead. ;)

And it was indeed a Star Wars holiday. Kylo Ren and Darth Vader invaded our home for three days, and these boys LOVED their costumes.

For several weeks leading up to Halloween, Brandon walked around the house practicing his Darth Vader voice. "You do NOT know the power of the dark side!"

We reminded them often that in the saga, Darth Vader is Kylo Ren's grandpa. ;)

Luckily, we got our money's worth out of these costumes. Besides trick-or-treating, there were  the parties at school and the Blackout football game in the UNI-Dome on the Saturday night two days beforehand. Since fans were asked to wear all black, it was the perfect opportunity to get these kiddos dressed up for the game in the Dome! Daddy had the great idea of putting UNI eye blacks on their masks, and they were quite the hit walking through the tailgate lots prior to kickoff. :)


Sunday night - Halloween Eve - was one of my favorite parts of the holiday. We made our favorite soup (a recipe I will be sharing sometime this winter), rented the second Harry Potter movie since we just recently finished the book, took early showers and got into our warm pajamas, lit the candles in the jack-o-lanterns on our front deck, turned off all the lights and turned on the twinkly lights, and enjoyed comfort food and hot chocolate and cookies and soup in front of our spooky movie. It was the perfect way to get into the mood!

I found these Star Wars mugs at Target earlier that week, and just had to have them for the boys for hot cocoa season.

More to come!