"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween, Part 2

Halloween is growing on me, and it's definitely because of these two. They love it so much and have so much excitement for it for weeks to come. Brandon's already planning his costume for next year! (Though, admittedly, his plans have changed about two dozen times already). And I also think my increased enjoyment in the holiday has to do with the ages our boys are in right now. As babies and toddlers, we threw them in costumes for pictures and a drive to the grandparents' house and that was about it. I remember one year when they were really little and both of them had colds. Halloween day and night was rainy, but I was bound and determined that those costumes would get used so we wore them to trick-or-treat in the College Square Mall and only lasted about 20 minutes. Talk about a let down.

Our Halloweens have progressively gotten better every year, but this year has to take the cake. It was our best Halloween yet. We were surrounded by our friends, had a whole weekend to do all the seasonal things, and best of all - that weather. I can't remember ever having a Halloween night like this one. It. was. perfect.

We put our costumes on right after school, stopped by Papa Bob and Nana Nancy's for supper and then headed over to the Grahams' house to join our group.

So much black this year. As the night wore on and the sun dipped lower, we had trouble keeping track of who was who!

This was the group we started with, but our group got larger as the night wore on. The kids raced ahead of the adults all evening, and we had just as much fun as they did in our little social outing. The only thing missing was a cooler on wheels! (And the only thing that stopped that was work the next morning). ;)

It was a picture perfect scene. The streets were lined with Elsa's and Darth Vader's, everyone's houses and front porches were decorated with all the best lights and jack-o-lanterns, the sky had a pink and purple glow to it, and we didn't have to worry about hats or mittens. And because it was so nice out, driveways and front steps were filled with neighbors and friends - all outside to take it all in rather than being tucked away in their warm and cozy houses. I tell you what - if only every Halloween night could be like this one...

Here stands the famous "wolf man" house. We were warned, but weren't prepared, apparently. As soon as that wolf hand stuck his fist out the front door, Brandon screamed, turned to run, fell down the steps and dropped his candy bucket. Luckily our little Darth Vader recovered quickly enough to get right back up and snatch his treat, but it was quite funny watching all the youngest siblings run and hide.

And this house set up a disco light on its driveway so we of course had to stop for a little dance party.

We left the neighborhood with buckets literally overflowing and paid a quick visit to see our cousins before the night was over. Brandon could barely carry his bucket around anymore, and Jaden was just pleased that someone had handed out cans of pop instead of candy. ;)

We let the boys stay up late on this school night, came home to spread our candy out on the floor and watched one of their Halloween favorites - Spookley the Square Pumpkin. It was such a fun night, and I went to bed very thankful for growing friendships and for watching our kids all grow up together. And for a full holiday season that awaits!