"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Trip to See Santa

This past weekend, in the middle of the makings of a snow storm and with Daddy stuck at work, the boys and I and Papa Bob traveled out to Hick's to sit on Santa's lap, drink some cocoa... and in Brandon's case... ride a horse.

There was a stark contrast between this month's visit and last month's - when we enjoyed our s'mores by the fire and our paddle boat ride along the pond on a balmy sunshiny November Saturday. This time around, it was delicious Christmas tree cookies and thick, thick snowflakes that fell faster and harder the longer we were there.

Brandon insisted on another horse ride, while Jaden and Papa kept themselves warm by the fire.

Santa arrived by tractor as we stood and watched, holding our hot cocoa and trying to keep our hands warm. But this year instead of heading into one of the out buildings to sit on his lap, we got to enter Hick's beautiful cabin!

We walked in the front door to find one of Mrs. Claus's helpers busily making cookies, offering each one of us a fresh one from the batch. And I immediately fell in love with this charming, rustic home - its open floor plan, its big windows with beautiful views, its big stone fireplace in the center of it all, and its stairs up to the loft that I would have loved to get a tour through. I think I could do cabin life.

And just like last year, Brandon was nervous for his turn on Santa's lap, asking Jaden to go first while he stood back and kept an eye on things.

On Jaden's list? A watch - and more PS4 games.

...and though he had been nervous, Brandon confidently also asked for a watch and more Star Wars PS4 games. I'm impressed that both our boys have a desire to know what time it is in 2017! ;)

We kept our visit short, since we had enjoyed all Hick's Place has to offer only a few weeks earlier. The snow was a beautiful backdrop to our visit, but we collected our candy canes and headed for the car to warm our fingers and toes!