"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Phone Pics and Videos

It's hard to believe it's the last day of February. I now obsessively check the weather app on my phone throughout each day, hoping to see another 60+ degree day in the extended forecast. Spring break is just a couple of weeks away, daylight savings is right around the corner and 4 Queens is open again. All good signs.

My phone has accumulated quite a few pictures over the last few months. I'm eager for spring but can't complain - our winter has been fast and full and good, for the most part.


...how cute he always looked in his Christmas jammies and how his stuffed Santa was his favorite cuddle buddy for the month.

...our church all dressed in its Christmas season best.

...Panther Scholarship Club Christmas parties.

... and traditions. He loves to go down to the court prior to tipoff to say hi to Papa.

...reunited. Wes Washpun and memories of that one amazing shot in St. Louis.

...church photo booths on Sunday mornings.

...a new book, a new kitchen.

...date night with this kiddo while his little brother was at a birthday party.

...cousin shenanigans.

...first time baking in my new kitchen. My favorite December cookies.

...volunteering in his classroom for their Christmas party.

...Papa Bob bought Christmas lights for Brandon's winter log cabin.

...the only snowman we got around to building this year.

...root beers and peanut shells at Texas Roadhouse.

...winter break basketball and swimming at the WRC.

...New Year's Eve tea followed by New Year's Eve wine.


...subway tile love.

...reading minutes and book report homework.

...Anthro mugs and French Vanilla that smells so good.

...his number on my back.

...catching him in a book before bed.

...teammates at a college game together. Getting a close-up look at this year's National Championship trophy.

...cotton candy skies over Dallas.

...Christmas in January. New robes for all.

...and Chewy jammies!

...always building.

...YouTube videos in the church atrium.

...Star Wars Monopoly. We've upped our game nights this winter.

...courtside seats during a UNI game for these teammates.

...all the team huddles...

...and a winter full of watching him play.

...road trip burn out.

...the look I get when I put in too many bubbles!

...Alumni parties in Des Moines.

...losing the cat and finding her in the hamper in the closet.


...beautiful morning devotions.

...the end of an era.

...road trips in the brand new van. And new movie screens to go with them.

...our first taped ankle...

...and the day after.

...the dreaded stomach bug and the first time I've ever had a kid come home from school sick.

...these muscles on a nine year old.

...Valentine box creating at 11:00 at night.

...crack of dawn meetings in the Dome and these pink treats while the football team worked out below us.

...the blackout game.

...pink roses from Cody and a new candle to help get through the work day.

...shorts and shamrock shakes on a Friday. Heaven.

...State Tournament. An open-floor plan in our hotel and all the kids in the pool after a day of going undefeated. While we ate cheeseballs and drank Angry Orchards.

...watching post player tutorials on YouTube. He's determined.

...Bible Study outside after work...

...or happy hour outside after work.

...his new Star Wars hat.

...and a new bedroom.

...reunited with his swing. Now if we just had some green grass and leaves to go with it.

And now... a few videos, too.
//Jaden's first time watching Christmas Vacation

//Brandon's Winter Music Program
//Brandon reading from The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve Night. The same exact book I used to read from.
//Brandon showing off his dribbling moves over Christmas break
//Rock climbing wall!
//AirFx after a basketball tournament. So glad we're getting our own trampoline park soon!
//Too many bubbles!!
//Jaden scoring on a bum ankle. "He's moving just fine!"
//Jaden's Winter Music Program
//The Outlaws in Marshalltown