"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, February 17, 2017

My Funny Valentine's

Valentine's Day came and went this year without much fuss or attention paid to it. It was sandwiched in between two weekends of us being on the road and fell during a week when we were not only gone three nights in a row - but also saw Cody come down with the stomach bug and me come down with a nasty cold. Last Valentine's Day we found out we were going to Disney World. That's a pretty tough act to follow. ;)

This year, we even scrambled to get Valentine's written on. Jaden chose a sports theme and Brandon chose Star Wars Valentine's, of course. Probably the best part of the holiday was the Millennium Falcon Valentine's box that Cody helped Brandon create for his class party. On the Friday night beforehand, Cody stayed up until 11:00 at night trying to get the shape just perfect, and spray painting it on our back deck in the dark. We were so excited with its progress that we tried to wake Brandon up at 10:30 so that he could have a look at it, but he was so deeply into sleep that I don't even think he knew what planet he was one when we were beside his bed trying to show him. ;)

Valentine's night itself was a rush of basketball practice, grandparents stopping over, heart-shaped pizza out of the oven, pink roses from Cody and scratch cupcakes I had picked up earlier that day. I did have fun filling gift bags with little items that I knew would make the boys happy.

We treated them to Yoda for their PS4 game, Star Wars travel games, the start of Brandon's requested Darth Vader comic book collection, among a few other small items. They also scored big with their extra candy, Animal Facts book and Star Wars toys from the Nana's and Papa's. Valentine's night looked a little like Christmas morning on our living room floor by the time they were done.

I also scored a free puzzle gift from Shutterfly and turned it into a puzzle of our Disney trip - the perfect gift on the one-year anniversary. Brandon loved it.

It's a busy season of life, and Valentine's Day took a backseat this year. There was no date night or heart-shaped sugar cookies or even a home cooked meal. But there was no shortage of love, and that's all that really matters.