"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, March 6, 2017


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2017"

Jaden: You and your teammates officially wrapped up your season this past weekend with another undefeated tournament outing and a final season record of 25-6 and state runner-up next to your name. And two of your six losses came to older teams! What an impressive record for you kids and your first year of organized team ball. We celebrated the end with a private party room at Doughy Joey's and the entire team of nine year olds "bellied up" to the bar with your own private bar tender mixing you pitchers of Shirley Temples. :) It was quite the site on Saturday night, and while we laughed at the image, it also completely warmed my heart. Some friends of ours watched their older sons compete for their final tournament of their AAU journey this weekend, and their tears and words and stories on Facebook reminded me that this journey has an end point and these years will go fast. Soaking it up - every minute of it.

Brandon: My seven year old. We celebrated you all week with presents and cake and family and bowling and lots of hugs and kisses. I loved watching you open your birthday cards - you have to be the only seven year old boy I've ever seen take such a serious approach to reading every word of every birthday card before diving into the present itself! I love you, I love you, I love you.