"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Celebrating Brandon's Birthday

We celebrated this cutie-pie last week in all the ways he asked for. He wanted bowling, and cake (obviously), and a dinner out and presents. And then we added in our own special little personal touches to make him feel loved and remind him how grateful we are that he is ours. Not sure what we'd do without this stinker.

His birthday fell in the middle of the week, and I felt a little bad that he didn't get a full Saturday of celebrating like Jaden did this year. But it didn't seem to bother Brandon one bit - we just stretched out the celebrating over a number of days instead of just one. Little things here and there to make the whole week feel like birthday week. There was Star Wars wrapping paper and Star Wars clothes and a Star Wars cake -- and of course, plenty of Star Wars gifts.

He wanted to go bowling. So we reserved a couple of lanes the night before his birthday, gathered our entire family and made a night of it. The cousins had one lane, the grownups had another, and by the end of the night all the kids had taken great pride in the fact that they all beat Papa Bob's score. (Sorry Dad). :)

When I was checking out at HyVee with his birthday cake in hand, I spotted these Pez dispensers in the checkout aisle. Perfect party favors for the kids!

His gifts from family included Under Armor summer clothes (his favorite kind of clothes), a green light saber to grow his collection (he's determined to collect one in every color), Star Wars canvas art prints for his bedroom and more Star War's Lego's, of course.

His usual blush of embarrassment during the Happy Birthday song. :) He LOVED his cake, and this little Darth Vader cake topper makes real Darth Vader sounds and has a little clip on the back of it which he later used to secure it to his book shelves. ;) There is a touch of Star Wars everywhere you look in that bedroom of his!

The day of his birthday was simple and easy and just for the four of us. I picked up lunch for the two of us and took it to his school at lunch time to eat with him in the cafeteria. He was so sweet when he saw me walking into his classroom, getting out of his chair and greeting me with a big hug in front of his classmates. We walked with his class to the lunch room and found a table just for us. We enjoyed conversation and talks with his teachers and anticipated what he'd do at recess and what gifts he would open that night. And we laughed at how the announcement reader pronounced his last name during the birthday greetings over the intercom in the morning's welcome announcements. :) I loved this 30 minutes with him, and it made me realize that I need to plan special lunches at school with both of my boys a lot more often.

He came home from school and got right to work at building some of his new Lego's while we waited for Daddy to get home. He then asked to open one present before dinner - and to save the rest until after we got home.

A new Star Wars towel! We'd been laughing lately when he would get out of the shower and wrap his Spiderman towel around himself. His little butt cheeks would always stick out, and it was definitely time for a bigger and warmer towel. ;)

In the van on the way to dinner, I turned on his baby and toddler YouTube videos on my phone and synced them with the car stereo so that his little chatter and baby giggles were serenading us through the speakers throughout the whole drive. There is still nothing as sweet as that sound, and I could listen to his two-year old self sing Silent Night over and over again.

Dinner was a full course meal! We ordered appetizers and enjoyed bread, had salads and the main entre, and then the waitress brought out his candle-lit brownie and ice cream at the end. And before we left, she snuck us extra biscuits in a bag because she knew he liked them so much. :)

We returned home for presents from Mommy and Daddy and let our birthday boy stay up past his bedtime. New Star Wars bedding, a Toy Box expansion pack for his Disney Infinity - and another Lego set rounded out his gifts, and he loved all of them.

He loved his birthday, and so did I. There was little "fuss" but a lot of time spent together, and special little touches to make him feel special. He said it was one of his best days. :)

And now he's SEVEN! We're halfway to a driver's permit, people. Buckle up!