"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Beautiful Weekend...

This past weekend was a little bit of what the doctor ordered. 70's and sunshine, open windows, walks by the lake, outdoor dining, shopping with friends, delicious smoked meat... and even some pink on our cheeks from being sun-kissed for the first time in months. Oh my goodness, are we ready for boating weather and swimming pools.

It started with yard work on Friday night. The boys and I picked up $5 Pizza from the Hill (a much better option than Little Caesar's), choosing Pepperoni and Mac and Cheese toppings, dined al fresco and then proceeded to help Daddy all night with our yearly mulch job.

They love this work, and Jaden keeps asking when he's going to be old enough to work with Daddy during the summer months. :)

Saturday morning Daddy had to work for a few hours so the boys and I went on a breakfast date for doughnuts and then stopped at the store for fresh tulips to brighten up our kitchen.

...and by the time we were home from breakfast, the sun was out and the shirts came off! It was just upper-60's by the this point, but the lack of breeze and the bright sunshine felt like a heat wave, and before long the neighbor boys had all congregated and were asking for freezy pops. I always have a freezer full. :) It was so fun to watch these boys relax on our back together, conversing over boy things with their t-shirts off. They were entertained outside for hours while I got some cleaning done and filled the house with open windows and loud music.

We headed out Saturday afternoon on a mission for a new bike helmet for Brandon, who excitedly chose this R2D2 Star Wars option (of course), and then made a stop at Nana and Papa's on the way home to test it out on their scooters and do some front porch sitting with Dasher. And after the boys had gotten tired of riding the scooters up and down Nana and Papa's street, we rode them all the way to the playground.

Saturday evening was for egg coloring. This was the first time we'd dyed eggs outside, and it made me grateful for an Easter in April this year instead of March.

I love the way they turned out. Instead of adding vinegar this year, we used plain water to give them a lighter, more pastel look. And they're my favorite ones we've ever done. (I did have to stop Cody from taking a marker to all of them, as he was THIS close to putting faces on every single one).

Sunday was for church and shopping. Emily and I spent the afternoon in the new Homegoods store, I snagged a couple of big lanterns on sale from Target for my front and back decks, and we sipped iced coffees on Emily's back patio while Jack and Jaden rode bikes and scooters around Greenhill Village.

I returned home to grab the family and take us all out to Big Woods Lake before supper. The boys happily rode their bikes along the trails while Cody and I admired the pelicans that were all over the place. It was quite the sight!

Sunday evening dinner included delicious smoked bacon-wrapped pork loin enjoyed outside... and open windows at bedtime.

Summer is coming. We can smell it, taste it and feel it. This weekend was our prequel, and we are so anxious for the rest.