"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Memories of a Summer Carnival

There's just something about a carnival. We didn't do much with Sturgis Falls this year, but we couldn't stay away from a Saturday night spent amongst the lights, sounds, and food of the fair. We gathered friends at our house beforehand, ordered a bunch of pizzas, had a few glasses of wine, and when we couldn't put the kids off any longer... headed to downtown to buy way too many tickets from the ticket booth.

And it turned out to be quite the memorable night! Emily and I both said we're going to enjoy looking at some of these pictures at their high school graduations!

Memories of this year's summertime staple...

//Brandon was FINALLY just tall enough to drive his own bumper car. ;) It was a bit of a stretch, and his arms could just barely reach the wheel, but it was like a right of passage for him as bumper cars are pretty loved in our family. :)

//The vibrant background colors that called out to my camera lens and the joy that Ivy had in watching all the big kids ride the rides.

//The bungee jumping and the laughter that ensued. Jaden would hardly jump, and when we called out to him to tell him to jump higher to make our $7 worth it, he yelled back at us, "This hurts!! It's uncomfortable!!" Sure enough, Jack started shouting the same thing to Emily and Shane from the other side of the attraction, and Jaden actually asked to get off the trampoline before his time was up. Emily and I were laughing from the sidelines as we realized that our boys are growing and those bungee straps just don't fit in the right places as well as they used to! ;)

//Watching Ivy while Ella and Brandon were on the swings. Every single time they would come around to her side of the fence, she would shout, "Hi Brandon!!! Hi Brandon!!," and he would wave right back at her. Every single time. :)

//Brandon's new found love of the Tornado and how he made Cody ride it with him. Twice!

//Molly's hesitation to ride the little roller coaster until Brandon agreed to go with her. And then he proceeded to help strap her in, a shy and slightly embarrassed little smirk on his face - and her overjoyed smile throughout the whole thing. Emily and I were dying at their cuteness!

Brandon's face!

//And that ferris wheel ride. Though Jaden enjoyed it last year, he HATED it this year for some reason. I don't think he was expecting it to take off as fast as it did, and by the time they were down, my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard! He made quite the show up there!

We stayed well past dark and wrapped up our night with funnel cakes, sticky fingers, and a trail of powdered sugar down two dirty boys' faces. It was a good night. :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2017"

Jaden: You attended UNI football camp last week and earned the team MVP award the last day of camp! That is quite the honor because it was chosen by your team coach, who happens to be a UNI football player, himself. :) The award is sponsored by Gatorade, so you received a Gatorade medal to add to your ever-growing collection, as well as a special Gatorade water bottle, a Gatorade athletic bag and a Gatorade sports towel! Your sports camps are now done for the summer, but we're still going strong with baseball, and football practice will be starting before we know it!

Brandon: I just love this tooth-less grin. :) You had a blast at the Sturgis Falls carnival this past weekend and were finally tall enough to drive a bumper car by yourself. ;) You are really enjoying your golf mornings and convinced Papa Bob to buy you a UNI golf hat at the pro shop last week - even though it was adult-sized. You pointed out to him that the velcro backing is adjustable, and he couldn't resist your pleas. ;) Papa said when he picked you up from golf today, you looked just like a little Arnold Palmer with your clubs hanging from your back and your too-big golf hat on your head. :)