"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, June 15, 2017

4th & 2nd, Here They Come!

Two days after we moved into our new digs, these two finished their school careers at Becker Elementary! Talk about a big week! In the midst of moving and unpacking boxes and staying in a hotel room for a night... we still had to get these two off to school on a completely opposite end of town from where we'd ended up. :)

First day of school last fall...

They not only graduated on to the next grade level, but they said goodbye to old school friends - and to Ms. Kimpton - who we had been lucky enough to have as a teacher for three years - one year as Jaden's kindergarten teacher and two years as Brandon's kindergarten and 1st grade teacher. That was a tough goodbye, and she was emotional with me when she talked about saying goodbye.

They both did awesome this past school year. Brandon had a great first grade year, advancing well beyond his grade level in sight words and math - and joining a small group of kids for an advanced learning hour on a weekly basis. He earned awards at the end of the year in every category, including reading and math and leadership - and he won his classroom's Specialist award for Media. :)

Jaden saw a lot of growth this year, and his teacher, Mrs. Hintzman, was AMAZING. She told the parents and the kids at the beginning of the school year that she loves her students like she loves her own son, and it truly did show throughout the year. Their victories were her victories and their struggles were her struggles. She was always joyful and positive and a joy to be around, and I know Jaden truly appreciated her and her spirit and kindness. He showed great growth in reading and in his Iowa Assessment Test scores from last year, and also earned quite a few awards - including reading, math and leadership.

Both boys missed out on the perfect attendance award this year for the very first time due to our Disney World trip. This became the running joke in our family throughout the school year, but I think we all agree it was worth it. ;)

And now they are officially Lincoln Elementary Tigers and are ready to start their journeys! I'm not sure who is more excited - the kids or the parents - about the fact that they won't have to wear uniforms to school anymore. :)

But - in the interest of putting first things first, one of the seven habits in the Leader in Me program... let's enjoy summer for a while. ;)