"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring - From the Phone

Typing this from my new dining table in my new house - lots of open windows around me, my fireplace in front of me, and my boys happily enjoying their first day of summer in the basement below me. Lots to share and lots of life happening underneath our new roof, but before we move on to a new season and a new house and a new neighborhood - a look back at spring and the pictures taken from my phone. I kind of feel like I blinked and spring was over! It was a whirlwind, and I wish I would have had more of an opportunity to slow down and notice the transition from cold to warm, but I'm very grateful we're now settled into our forever home and look forward to next spring when life looks a little different!

//A birthday lunch at school with my birthday boy. He opted to sit at a table in the cafeteria just the two of us, and he was so sweet and cute and happy to have me there.

//Starting my mornings with daily devotions and daily Message readings before the rest of the house awakes.

//New Etsy prints and farmhouse frames that look just right on freshly painted bedroom walls.

//The final Outlaws tournament of the season, another championship medal and how lucky this boy is to have family that follows him all over to spend their days in high school gyms and bleacher seats.

//Celebrating the end of the season with our basketball family. The party room at Doughy Joey's all to ourselves, our own bar tender who filled pitchers of Shirley Temples for our kids, and a bunch of boys cheering on the Cedar Falls girls' state team on the TV's around us.

//A hard sleeping and busy boy.

//Bike rides up Rainbow while big brother attended a birthday party. One of the first warm days of the year.

//Spring break breakfast dates before 3 on 3 basketball tournaments.

//Finding him with his head in his Bible before bed.

//Our first hockey game and a Blackhawks win.

//Chalk drawings and Easter prep.

//Adorable spring school pictures since we were in Disney World for Fall pictures. They are so adorable and these are two of my favorite school pictures yet.

//A week in Cleveland, a fresh haircut, a trip to the best homemade ice cream shop I've ever eaten at... and a reason to get out of yoga pants for a few days.

//Blue water bubble baths and this floating car track that was one of our best purchases several years ago.

//Week nights filled with swimming lessons and this one's first time off the diving boards.

//A balmy April Saturday morning, boys with their shirts off and requests for freezy pops on the deck.

//Tulips on the table in preparation for evening showings.

//New bike helmets - of course he would choose Star Wars!

//Front porch hangs at Mom and Dad's. Dasher at my feet and two boys zipping down the sidewalk on their scooters.

//Walks around the lake, letting nature be my stress reliever, praying for good news soon...

//The prettiest Easter eggs we've ever colored.

//Saturday morning egg hunts, followed by rock skipping in the river, walks up Main Street and lunch tacos at Pablo's.

//Baby chicks and baby goats and a perfect Easter weekend.

//Neighbor cats who started frequenting our front deck at night looking for a playmate...

//Homework reading minutes on the back deck under umbrella shade and a bright sun.

//Bubbles outside before school just before the leaf buds blossomed.

//Driving home from what would be our new neighborhood - through campus and towards those menacing skies.

//Our first fishing day at Big Woods.

//A trip to California and the most beautiful dinner spots on the beach along the Pacific.

//A trip with Shery to West Hollywood, driving past movie studios and a dinner at Sur, the famous Vanderpump Rules restaurant.

//A Friday to myself, the day our offer would come in, praying in the car sensing something big was about to happen.

//Celebrating big news and big changes with warm brownies just because.

//The start of baseball season.

//Final readings from this spot. That deck was good to us.

//A new favorite picnic spot and the most gorgeous Saturday night.

//Playing basketball in Star Wars costumes just because.

//And then running into these guys on College Hill right after!

//Final nights spent with neighbors. They sold their house the same week and moved out the same day - all the way to Wisconsin. God's timing is incredible.

//Snipping fresh flowers from our bush one last time. Sharing some with the neighbors.

//New bike tires for Mother's Day and our first family bike ride through the trails and by the river.

//Neighbor deck parties. We will miss them!

//A Mother's Day spent on the water. My favorite way to spend it.
//Visits to Lucy's newest nieces and nephews - getting our kitty fix.

//Finding a long lost piggy bank during the packing and Jaden offering to give a bunch of his change to his brother. Dividing and counting and making wish lists!

//Ice cream for dinner just because.

//New books on old tool chests, bought to be used as a coffee table in our new home. It was a successful day of small town shopping.

//Finding this hand written note in the mailbox one afternoon with no idea of who left it there.

//The day the final hurdle was crossed and it all became official. What a huge sigh of relief.

//Panther Caravan parties by the amphitheater.

//And the moving starts...

//A cat's goodbye. Final nights on Rainbow. That's a wrap!