"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our 4th of July // 2017 // Part 2

After our day of boating and a good nap for Brandon, we gathered with friends on the Sunday before the 4th for backyard fireworks, sparklers and lots of food. I provided a strawberry crumble, Danielle brought M&M bars, and Shane and Emily provide all the meat we could possibly eat! The kids bounced back and forth between the trampoline, the basement, the kids' bedrooms... and we had to drag them home after the last firework was shot off well into the night. We had quite a hard time pulling Brandon away from Glow Ball, too! :)

Monday the 3rd was a day for home. We had an open invitation to head to Lake Ponderosa for the day but opted at the last minute for a day just the four of us and slow and easy plans. Cody decided to take the day off work to stay home with us, and after a relaxing morning, we all cozied up in the movie theater together for an afternoon showing of Despicable Me 3. The boys scored free cotton candy from the theater workers since we were the only ones in the place, and they got to watch them make the cotton candy right there in the lobby area. After giggling our way through the movie, we returned home for trampoline jumping in the sprinklers, an evening visit from James, Cassi and Ivy... and our first sparklers in our new backyard. It was fun to watch the sparklers dance alongside all of our lightning bugs, and I decided that this day was my favorite day of our holiday vacation.

I love a good sparkler picture, and they are some of my favorite things to photograph - sparklers, bodies of water... and Christmas trees. :)

We caught a few lightning bugs in the American Flag mason jar candle holders I had crafted together earlier that day and pushed each other in the swing until it was time to tuck ourselves in under the covers. A big day awaits in the morning...