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Monday, August 7, 2017

Our Junior Golfer

He's nowhere near as competitive as his older brother, but this summer Brandon decided he wanted to give golf a try. I'm not really sure where the idea came from, other than the fact he's always loved a good round of mini-golf. :) But I loved the idea of him taking on this sport - one that you can truly learn to enjoy your whole life and one that can be played competitively or leisurely. So... right before school got out and we made our big move, we signed this one up for Junior Golf program with the UNI golf coach, and the rest is history!

In fact, the very week we moved he had his first golf camp every single night that week! It was excellent timing, but that's how we like to do things around here. ;) He was sized and fitted with his very own set of slightly used clubs during his first week of clinic, and the good news is, he still has room to grow into them. ;) He battled through the program with clubs that were still a bit too big for him, which made his progress and his accomplishments that much more impressive. I can't wait to see his swing when his golf clubs match his size!

And oh you guys, is he ever adorable to watch out there. I just couldn't get enough of him. After his first week of nightly clinics, he had golf every Tuesday and Thursday morning for a couple of hours from June to July. Jaden and I would drop him off in the morning on the way to taking Jaden to day camp... and my dad would pick him up at 10:00 two hours later and drop him off at day camp himself. It was a good bonding experience for Brandon and Papa Bob, and it turns out that Papa Bob was Brandon's favorite coach this summer, too. :)

In fact it was Papa Bob that gifted Brandon with this UNI golf hat that was a couple of sizes too big, but as Brandon so intelligently pointed out when he was eyeing it at the pro shop, "It has velcro, Papa." Of course Papa couldn't say no to that logic!

At the end of his season, we got to watch him play in a junior golf tournament on his final morning, where he was paired with other boys of a similar age, and the score was kept through five holes along the course. He did so well! Since it was his first year, he had spent the summer with the "Beginner" group, but he was paired with Intermediate kids for the tournament, and he still finished with the third best score! The only thing that kept him from winning the third-place trophy was that the two top scorers finished with a tie. He was so bummed he missed the trophy by just one stroke, but we were so impressed with how well he did! It was so fun to watch him!

This has now opened up a new hobby in our family... we have found ourselves frequenting the driving range in the evenings and even played nine actual holes of golf one Saturday afternoon, driving around in the golf cart, and letting Jaden get in on the action. Mama's even started working on her swing just a bit. (But I think I'll mostly stick to tanning myself from the golf cart and taking pictures). ;)

I have to credit Jaden with these pictures... good job, buddy!