"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three... and a HALF!

Today is Jaden's half birthday. He is now closer to four than he is to three. Three seemed old to me. But four... that's... wow. That's old! :)

We are so proud of our big boy... who now several times a day tells us that he's "big and tall... like Daddy!"

He puts his shoes on by himself (completely aware of the difference between his left foot and right foot), wipes his bottom by himself (TMI??) :) -- gets himself in and out of the car by himself (we do the buckling in), helps look out for Brandon like a big brother should -- and is very excited to be starting preschool in less than a month.

July was a rough month for us, and even though I had family surrounding me to help me while Cody was unable to be home, I still had a lot of time spent with just me and the boys. Mornings, evenings, bath/shower times, trips to the grocery store, etc. Jaden was "the man" of the house. I was so proud of him. There were times he acted out and showed his frustration over missing Cody - but those times usually came when other people were around, and he was looking for attention. When it was just the three of us at home in our cozy little cottage, he was incredibly sweet, supportive and helpful.

His habits, likes, dislikes...

*Goes to bed at 8:00 and usually wakes up around 6:30.
*Likes to eat yogurt in the recliner in the mornings while watching Max & Ruby and Team Umizoomi
*Likes it when we record Bubble Guppies on the DVR so that he can watch it before bed at night. (Bubble Guppies is on during the day when we're not home... so yes... I'm actually recording shows for my three year old).
*Does not like to sleep under the covers in his bed... he has to sleep ON TOP of the covers, and he is very adamant about that. He also insists that we always have his ceiling fan on in his room while he sleeps.
*Still adores his blanky but luckily only wants it at night or when he's tired. He has a "tag" on the blanky that doesn't even look like a tag anymore. He has to hold on to that part when he's cuddling with it, and he calls it his "part." "Where's my part at??" -- and then he will search the whole blanky until he finds that tag. In fact, when he gets out of bed in the morning he strategically places "his part" right on top of his pillow so he knows exactly where to grab it when he gets home.
*Still loves anything with buttons to push, especially garage doors. This has been going on for two years now. I'm ready for it to end. It's an obsession.
*Likes to ride his little three wheeler around in circles on the driveway and get it going as fast as he can. We will definitely need to get him a big kids bike by next spring.
*Loves noodles.
*Still loves music and drums. My dad has his old drum set, set up in the basement at their house. Jaden loves going to their house to play with it.
*Is not quick to try new things. He has to study an activity for a long time before deciding that he will try it.
*Does not like to swing. But loves slides.
*Is great to Brandon except when they want the same toy. He's protective, loving, talks to him all the time and truly enjoys being with him. In fact neither one of them really likes to be without the other now. He's always sure to give Brandon a hug and kiss before they go to bed.
*Is shy with people until he gets to know them a little.
*Talks constantly. Constantly. Non-stop. He is never quiet. Brandon doesn't say much yet, and I think it's because he can never get a word in.
*Is learning more and more about prayer, God and what it all means. I think he understands as much as he can at three years old. He knows he will get to live with God in Heaven one day, tells us that God is in his heart and always with him, and gives God all the credit whenever a sickness or an "owie" goes away.
*He's still a pretty good eater, but his appetite fluctuates from day to day.
*Prefers white milk over chocolate.
*LOVES to laugh.
*Likes to read books to himself -- by making up the stories as he turns the pages.
*Is excited for football and basketball season. He makes me proud. He's going to bleed purple and gold just like his Mama.
*Is incredibly sensitive and smart.

We love you SO MUCH Jaden -- and we are so very proud of you!!